Fund Your Election!

How to Raise All the Money You Need

(and 24 additional closely-held Campaign Secrets)

  • Best media strategies for inspiring voters – and donors

  • How to recruit and mobilize an army of campaign

  • Cash-generating techniques unknown to most campaign professionals

  • Avoid fundraising blunders made by even experienced campaigners

Dear Conservative Candidate,

Here's a secret you can use right now to raise more campaign cash and get more of your voters to the polls than you ever thought possible:

Money you receive from small donors generates far more votes
than the same amount of funds contributed by any other source.

The reason is simple. Once people give to your campaign, they become invested in your candidacy and are more willing to work on your behalf – and vote for you on Election Day!

Would you like to know how to use this secret – and 24 other "insider" tips – to put your campaign into the winner's circle?

I've created a special video briefing to show you how to use my proven methods to bring in donors and convert them into voters…how to inspire them to contribute again and again to your campaign…and how to raise all the money you need to deliver your message all the way to November.

The information I want to share will enable you to sprint past the establishment opposition in your primary…and dominate your smug, institutionally-funded liberal adversary in the general election.

With your permission, I'd like to rush this briefing to you by overnight mail.

Fundraising Secrets from a Master Practitioner

In all modesty, my methods have enabled conservative candidates to win massive, historic victories on more than one occasion…

You see, I worked behind the scenes on the fundraising and media strategies that were decisive in helping conservatives win the 1980 election and launch the Reagan Revolution…And again, in 1994, I helped mastermind the conservative sweep of Congress.

The tips and techniques I want to teach you worked back in 1975 when I helped Ron Paul launch his Congressional career…AND in 2009 for Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who says,

"Richard Viguerie is simply the best! He and his talented staff
  enabled us to set fundraising records that helped carry us to
  victory last November."

The same energy I harnessed in those campaigns is as strong as ever in 2010.

The public is hungry to hear your message…and ready to dig deep into their pockets and help – if you know how to ask. An army of volunteers awaits your marching orders – if you know how to organize them. And, the media opportunities to brand your candidacy with voters and define your issues have never been more within your reach – if you know how to seize them.

Together, let's tap into all that energy and get the funds you need to win your campaign! Let me provide you with the fundraising tools, resources, and know-how to put you where we need you to be: in office.

Three Campaign Marketing Experts Reveal
How They Win

To raise the funds you need to prevail in this election, you must execute winning strategies on three key fronts: direct mail, media strategy, and manpower. As I mentioned earlier, I know a thing or two about direct mail, having been at the center of some of the most successful campaigns of the past four decades.

And in order to give you the timeliest, most definitive guidance on developing your media strategy and manpower assets, I recruited two of the top authorities in their fields:

Communications expert Rebecca Hagelin has more than 20 years'
experience in developing and executing comprehensive public affairs and
marketing strategies. Prior to launching her own firm, she oversaw the
communications and marketing programs during high-growth periods for
The Heritage Foundation and, earlier,

Grassroots/social media wizard Eric Nielsen worked with Ken Cuccinelli's
successful Virginia Attorney General campaign, overseeing a 31-point swing
from Democrat in 2008 to Republican in 2009 for voters under age 30. The
campaign was also the nation's first to successfully integrate Tea Party
followers into a race.

Together, Eric, Rebecca and I have assembled a 4-hour, 45 minute video briefing we call Fund Your Election. The information in Fund Your Election is so timely – so crucial to fueling your victory – that I've reserved a copy to rush you by overnight mail.

You and your campaign staff are just a day away from having a resource you can put to immediate use to sharpen your messagebring in new donorsincrease average contribution and total revenuecreate vital "buzz" to strengthen your candidacy's brand…win the media battle…and much more.

Fund Your Election focuses on the steps you can take right now that will pay fast dividends. For example, let's take a look at how this intensive video briefing can help you take full advantage of …

Direct Mail: The Workhorse of Your Campaign

Direct mail isn't just one of the tools used to reach voters and donors – it's THE most powerful weapon in your campaign's arsenal for generating cash and inspiring hearts and minds.

When it comes to targeting the voters and donors you want to reach, direct mail beats every other medium hands down. In your video briefing, I'll show you how you can use direct mail's laser-like focus to get results that beat your opponent's radio and television efforts by orders of magnitude.

Using specific examples from campaigns I've been involved with, Fund Your Election will show you my #1 rule for how to organize your overall direct mail operation…the 4 key strategic success factors you MUST get right…do's and don'ts of good copywriting…and how to use creative "under the radar" methods to raise extra campaign cash.

But there's much more in your video briefing. Fund Your Election will give you and your staff my hard won knowledge on: 

  • How to use direct mail as more than a fundraising tool
  • Which campaigns should mail nationally and locally (you may be surprised)
  • Why most of your ad budget should go into direct mail rather than broadcast media, which can waste up to 97% of your ad dollar
  • How your donor acquisition mailings should differ from your house mailings
  • The key component too many campaigns leave out of their thank you letters
  • How to rapidly build a cash-cow file of generous donors…and how to increase their generosity as your campaign moves forward
  • How often to go back to your donor files and ask for more money
  • Techniques and timing for raising money online
  • How to write sure-fire fundraising letters – step by step
  • Where to find the best names to mail – both postal and email
  • The 2 powerful words conservatives must use in their campaign mail
  • What works – and what can really backfire – in prospect mail
  • ...and much, much more!

When you put the recommendations I make in Fund Your Election to work, you can be certain your direct mail operation is humming along at peak efficiency right up to the final months of your campaign – the very time you need it most.

Direct Mail's Not-So-Silent Partner

If direct mail is a candidate's "secret weapon," then media strategy is its better known but still very misunderstood partner. In Fund Your Election, PR expert Rebecca Hagelin will show you how to use media to sharpen, reinforce and amplify the very same messages you're using in your direct mail campaigns.

Rebecca will also show, step by step, how to create and implement a media plan that's more effective – and less costly – than you ever thought possible:

  • The steps for branding your candidacy so that voters know what you stand for
  • How to build a media research staff – for free
  • Specific techniques to get free media worth thousands – even millions of dollars!
  • How to prepare for interviews
  • Ways you can turn journalists from adversaries into advocates
  • Media training you can do on your own
  • Cheap and easy ways to build your media list – and the overlooked media that are often your very best, most productive ways to reach your voters
  • How to secure prominent endorsers who attract more donors and voters
  • and much more!

You could search out a big PR firm and pay them thousands of dollars a month in retainer fees, yet still not achieve the results Rebecca's briefing will give you. And why even think about hiring an expensive consultant, when you can have the expertise of one of the conservative movement's top media strategists at your fingertips – for a fraction of the cost?

Rebecca's methods have helped some of the nation's largest conservative organizations achieve significant growth. Putting her media strategies to work in combination with my direct mail program will give your campaign the edge it needs over your competition.

What's Better for Your Campaign Than Word of Mouth?

Actually, nothing – not even the awesome power of direct mail – matches the persuasive ability of individuals to influence their friends, neighbors and colleagues. And that's why an effective grassroots program can multiply your fundraising and media success.

To help you build a grassroots organization superior to your opponent's, Fund Your Election includes a briefing by campaign veteran Eric Nielsen, who shares the techniques he used to help build a grassroots organization that has served as a model for successful conservative campaigns around the nation.

Your video briefing includes:

  •     Eric's top 10 keys to building a successful grassroots program
  •     Best sources to create an "instant army" of eager volunteers
  •     How to develop an active online presence
  •     How candidates should use social media – including which tasks
        candidates should not delegate to staff
  •     and more!

The methods Eric, Rebecca and I will teach you in Fund Your Election include
techniques even seasoned professionals don't know. And that's no exaggeration – in fact, let me show you how fundraising programs of all sizes and types make critical errors in their mailings…

FREE with Your Order: Fatal Fundraising Flaws

If you think big, professionally run campaigns sidestep the fundraising mistakes often committed by smaller organizations – think again!

Local and national campaigns alike are equally guilty of these blunders. Studying their mistakes can help you bulletproof your own fundraising efforts.

When you send for your rush copy of Fund Your Election, I'll slip in at no charge a copy of Fatal Fundraising Flaws – my detailed critique of fundraising appeals by 9 national, state and local campaigns and lobbying groups, including…

  •     A U.S. Senate candidate in a tight 2010 race who's made serious
        errors in his letters, order forms – even his reply envelope! I'll
        show you where he's gone wrong.
  •     Two 2008 Presidential candidates who both failed to win the 
        nomination – but one generated more than twice as much
        campaign cash as the other. You'll see why in your free video.
  •     The direct mail format you should never use for fundraising. A
        state delegate candidate's unfortunate choice probably doomed
        his chances from the start – his opponent generated 30% more 
        funds and thrashed him in a 2009 election.

Seeing really is believing: Your free copy of Fatal Fundraising Flaws reveals in vivid detail the fundraising gaffes to steer clear of – as well as the best practices you should put in place for your own fundraising efforts.

Immediate Results and My 100-1 Guarantee

With the stakes for the conservative movement and the nation so high, your fundraising, media and outreach efforts must work at peak effectiveness to get your message out – and campaign dollars in. It's crucial that you raise your game in each of these areas, beginning NOW.

And that's the main reason I want to rush Fund Your Election to you at a bargain price:

The more conservative candidates who put these advanced methods
to work today…the more conservative officeholders we'll elect in November.

To even have a chance of getting this information elsewhere, you'd have to hire three different consultants at a cost of thousands of dollars. And throwing money at consultants gives you no guarantee of success.

I've got a better idea:

I'm so anxious for you to take advantage of the enormous opportunity at hand, I'll send Fund Your Election to you by overnight mail for only $179.

And not only will I put it in your hands tomorrow at savings worth thousands of
dollars…and throw in a free bonus copy of Fatal Fundraising Flaws…I'll give you a 100-to-1 guarantee no consultant would ever dare offer:

If you feel that what you learn from Fund Your Election isn't worth
AT LEAST 100 times what you paid for it, I'll give you a full refund –
no questions asked!

For a fraction of what an hour with three high-priced campaign consultants would cost, you can get all of the strategies, tools and techniques that propelled Ron Paul's first election to Congress…enabled the conservative revolutions in 1980 and 1994…and funded the conservative organizations that have kept our ideals alive during the past troubled decade.

My fellow conservative, our time is now!

Don't delay – order Fund Your Election now, and get the keys to victory that will help you send today's political establishment packing.

See you at the Revolution!

Richard A. Viguerie
Viguerie Marketing Institute

P.S. Remember, in addition to my 100-to-1, one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee, your Fund Your Election video briefing includes Fatal Fundraising Flaws, my detailed look at how previous real-world fundraising efforts have gone awry – so you can avoid those same mistakes! It's the perfect complement to our briefing on how to build successful fundraising, public relations and grassroots programs for your conservative campaign, step-by-step.

P.P.S. Click the order button before 3:00 P.M. eastern time today and Fund Your Election will be in your hands tomorrow!