Richard Viguerie
Over 40 Years as America’s Conservative Fundraising Champion

“The unquestioned genius of political direct mail.”
Parade Magazine,
June 20, 1982

“… the New Right, in large measure, has sprung from Mr. Viguerie’s widely acknowledged genius at direct-mail fund raising.”
The Evening Sun,
January 19, 1981

“Richard A. Viguerie ... today recognized as a fund-raising genius.”
USA Today,
March 1981

“His allies in the conservative movement – and there are many – say he is a genius who speaks to and for a large body of Americans.”
The Wall Street Journal,
October 6, 1978

“When conservative fund-raiser Richard Viguerie last week pressed [President Ronald Reagan] to grant asylum to Chinese tennis star Hu Na, Reagan responded: ‘I’d adopt her before I’d send her back.’ Her request was granted within days.”
The Wall Street Journal,
April 8, 1983

“… a committed conservative who never takes a client or a cause that does not fit in with his right-wing convictions.”
The Washington Star,
September 27, 1977

“… he discovered a valuable knack for writing letters that caused recipients to reach for their checkbooks.”
The Washington Star,
September 27, 1977

“All of these liberal PACs are still no match for the right-wing powerhouses of Richard Viguerie and others.”
The Washington Star,
February 16, 1981

“Even his detractors, and they are on both the left and the right, admit he is the best in the business.”
The Cleveland Plain Dealer,
September 1, 1969

“Among the experts, Viguerie’s Washington-based firm is considered one of the best in the political field, even if he refuses to do business with Democratic or liberal Republican candidates.”
Donald Lambro,
March 5, 1970

“…Richard A. Viguerie … the king of political direct mail.”
The Washington Post,
July 27, 1975

“Liberal politics in America has no one to compare with Viguerie …”
The Washington Post,
July 27, 1975

“Before Rush Limbaugh, there was Richard Viguerie.”
The Washington Times,
September 20, 2003, Jim Martin

“Richard A. Viguerie, called the ‘Godfather of the New Right’ because of his leadership in raising money for conservative causes and candidates, sets the tone.”

“Viguerie is unrivaled as a direct-mail fund-raiser, a technique he has perfected…”

National Journal,
January 21, 1978
“Viguerie is Godfather, Idea Man, and Savior to a gathering band of rightists eager to fund their dreams and vexations.”
New York,
June 9, 1975
“ ‘It’s impossible to say how many groups he controls or how much money he raises for conservative candidates,’ [Wesley] McCune admits, ‘but there’s no doubt about it – Viguerie is the kingpin.’”
The San Francisco Chronicle,
January 27, 1978

“ ‘Richard has a degree of sophistication in fund-raising that no one else even approaches,’ says [Philip] Crane.”
The San Francisco Chronicle,
January 27, 1978

“… the direct-mail fund-raising industry that Viguerie virtually invented…”
The Washington Post,
June 29, 1989

“‘Richard Viguerie is a catalyst….  He is somebody who has taught the conservative movement to dress for success. He made us think in terms of winning.’”
Paul Weyrich , The Evening Sun,
January 19-24, 1981

“… an innovative fund-raiser.”
The New York Times,
August 11, 2003

“. . . one of 13 Conservatives of the Century.”
Washington Times,
December 1999

“The Conservatives’ Voice of America.”
The Washington Post

“One of the creators of the modern conservative movement,”
The Nation,
February 14, 2008

"The father of political DM [direct marketing]."
Direct Magazine,
June 1, 2008

"Republicans' top 25 inside players, power brokers, and dealmakers, 2008."
NewsMax magazine,
September 2008

"Probably the grandfather of the new media."
Christopher Ruddy, CEO of NewsMax

 “One of either the greats or the demons, depending on your point of view of the conservative movement,” 
Keith Olbermann, MSNBC,
on the night of the 2008 Iowa caucuses

“Made it all possible . . . for conservatives”
The AFL-CIO News


Seminar attendees


“Fantastic!  Everything I heard was valuable.”


“I received in two hours from Mr. Viguerie more than I have gotten from 2-3 day seminars costing hundreds of dollars”.


“I am thankful for your vision given to you, by God long ago….  This seminar was excellent.”


“Absolutely outstanding ¾ the right message at the right time.  Thank you!”


“I could listen to Mr. Viguerie all day!”


“The knowledge and experience of the presenters was top notch!  I could not have received this much valuable information in a series of seminars ¾ thank you!”

From the desk of Richard Viguerie . . .

Dear Conservative Leader,

I have a proposition for you.

I want to help you grow your conservative organization exponentially in the next 120 days through better fundraising.

Specifically, I intend to share with you my very best fundraising secrets I have mastered during more than four decades of helping raise over $7 billion for conservative causes and candidates.

And this DVD Course will cost you just $297.

My usual rate is $20,000 for one day of consulting on an organization's fundraising program.

But now you can get this knowledge for a fraction of that cost in the form of a course on DVD.

But there's a catch.

Are You Qualified
to Order This Fundraising Course?

To get this one-of-a-kind course, you must be able to meet the following three conditions:

  1. You must be a leader of a conservative organization, or a top-level executive at a conservative organization, or have a desire to build a conservative organization;

  2. You must affirm that this course is only for your use and your organization's use, and that you will not duplicate or distribute this course to anyone outside your organization;

  3. You must affirm that you intend to use the knowledge in this course to greatly expand your conservative organization effectiveness to STOP President Obama's Socialist Agenda and rescue freedom in America.

Why am I insisting you agree to these conditions?

Simple:  I do not want to share my powerful fundraising secrets of success -- which have taken me 47 years to master -- with anyone on the Left.

These methods and techniques are for empowering leaders of the Conservative Movement only -- specifically those who want to quickly grow their organizations exponentially, in order to help stop the radical, out-of-control, big-government politicians ruining our country today.

Your Chance to Change
the Course of American History

As you know, we are now living at a rare moment in America's history.

I believe we are at a crossroads -- when we will either lose our freedoms and move rapidly to European-style socialism (or worse) . . . 

. . or we will successfully mobilize tens of millions of brand new grassroots activists and donors to take our country back from the Socialists now running our government.

But here's the good news.

Not since the late 1970s has there been a more favorable climate for you to launch a conservative organization -- or increase the size of your existing conservative organization -- exponentially.

And you can do this quickly . . . if you have the right fundraising tools, resources and know-how.

In fact, I've been telling leaders of conservative organizations: "If you do not double or triple the size of your organization in 2010, you should step aside and let someone else take over."

If you are currently in a leadership role at a conservative organization, or have the desire to build a new conservative organization, the fundraising winds are at your back . . . and those winds are now blowing at hurricane force!

Are you taking full advantage of this opportunity?

Tens of millions of Americans who have never been politically active before are stepping up, alarmed at the all-out assault on liberty by the Obama Administration and the Pelosi-Reid Congress.

Caught on Tape:  9-12 Tea Party Leaders Get Fundraising
Training From Richard Viguerie and His Team

I am enormously encouraged by the grassroots fire for freedom spreading all across America. 

Text Box: Photo of Seminar Thousands of first-time activists are now taking the initiative to start their own Tea Party group or conservative grassroots organization.

But they know enthusiasm without knowledge won't get us very far.

That is why on September 11, 2009, I, along with two of my associates, conducted a six-hour seminar for 140 leaders of the Tea Party Movement in Washington, D.C.

That six-hour session has been condensed into four hours and 15 minutes, during which I and my colleagues explain . . .

And now this entire seminar is available as a DVD course (on a limited basis) to qualified leaders of the Conservative Movement

We have also included printed study materials, including a complete course guide that will show you how to build a successful fundraising program for your conservative organization, step-by-step.

But again, please understand this . . .

I am making this course available only to conservatives who are truly committed to doubling or tripling the size of their organizations so that we will have the best possible change to stop President Obama from transforming America into another failed Socialist state.

If this describes you, hit the link here and fill out the Order Application . . .

Are YOU the Next Paul Revere,
Sam Adams, or Thomas Jefferson?

I've always believed that the key to victory for our values is to train and mobilize tens of millions of grassroots citizens to battle the Left at the precinct and Congressional district level.

It’s what I did starting in the 1960s, building up the “new right” until the “surprise” defeat of Jimmy Carter and the start of the Reagan Revolution . . .

. . . and again in the 1994 “upset” conservative sweep of Congress that threw out so many powerful, out-of-touch liberal politicians.

My friend, we urgently need an even bigger Revolution now, and this time make it stick!

That’s why I made the decision to release this DVD course, because I believe the Conservative Movement and Republican Party desperately need a New Generation of Leadership for the 21st Century.

We don't need a movement that is commanded by a few generals in Washington, D.C. -- which is how the Conservative Movement and Republican Party have been organized for decades.

That model has failed.

What we need instead are hundreds, even thousands, of brand new conservative organizations bubbling up from local communities across America, each capable of taking America back neighborhood by neighborhood, precinct by precinct. 

I believe we should look to the example of Sam Adams -- who created the Sons of Liberty and the Committees of Correspondence -- which organized the Boston Tea Party and became the main organizing vehicle for the American resistance to British rule.

That's why I agreed to conduct this seminar in Washington, DC, for 140 carefully pre-screened leaders of the Tea Party protests that you have seen take place in hundreds of Congressional districts across America.

I believe if we give committed conservatives like these the fundraising skills they need -- the tools and techniques I’ve developed and proven over the last 47 years -- we can harness that power into an unstoppable force that can stand up to our out-of-control government, and restore freedom in America for generations.

My goal with this DVD Course is to give those who want to save freedom in America the marketing knowledge (especially fundraising knowledge) you need to grow your conservative organization enormously and immediately.

That is why I am doing everything in my power to see hundreds (even thousands) of brand new conservative grassroots organizations created in 2010.

Successful fundraising is a science that can be learned. 

And there’s no better, faster way to learn it than with this new DVD Fundraising course.

I have never conducted a seminar like this before because, frankly, I do not want my direct mail fundraising secrets getting out to the Left. 

But I also know that the Conservative Movement and Republican Party desperately need new leadership. 

And we desperately need to build up our grassroots strength at the local level.  That requires vibrant local conservative organizations, which are capable of raising their own financial war chests.

That's why I have agreed to make this course available on DVD to select conservative leaders who want to help greatly expand our movement by making your own organizations exponentially bigger and stronger through better fundraising.

Just 900 Sets of DVDs Available

And that is why I have authorized the production of just 900 sets of this DVD Course (at least to start). 

I have limited the number of available sets so I can strictly control distribution of this fundraising information. 

I certainly do NOT want this information -- 47 years of fundraising secrets that built the conservative movement, which swept Ronald Reagan into the White House in 1980 and conservatives into Congress in 1994 -- falling into the wrong hands. 

Frankly, I'm determined not to let this information reach our opponents on the Left.

That is why, when you order, you must meet three strict conditions.  You agree that:

In other words, you may order this DVD Fundraising course if and only if you keep the contents STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL

In fact, I recommend that you keep this course hidden in a safe place -- even a vault in your office -- to make sure it does not inadvertantly fall into the wrong hands . . .

. . . requiring VMI to demand the immediate return of all materials (as a fellow conservative, I’m sure you understand the need to protect our trade secrets, and to ensure our opponents do not profit from them).

So if you are a conservative leader who has a desire to grow your conservative organization exponentially within the next 120 days through the most powerful fundraising methods ever developed, now is your chance!

I look forward to seeing you on the other side of the Order Application in the next few minutes.

Richard ViguerieRichard Viguerie

P.S. Again, because I am so concerned about this course falling into the hands of our Big-Government and Socialist adversaries on the Left, you must agree to the following conditions to order:

  1. You or your organization must be conservative or Libertarian (right-of-center);

  2. You must affirm that this course is only for your use and your organization's use, and that you will not duplicate or distribute this course to anyone outside your organization;

  3. You must accept that VMI retains ownership of the materials, which are licensed -- not purchased -- by you.

If you agree to these terms, you are qualified to start the order process by hitting this button:

What you will receive


Known as "the funding father of the conservative movement", Richard A. Viguerie pioneered the use of direct mail to support pro-freedom, small-government grassroots causes and political candidates.  Since founding his agency in 1965, Richard has mailed more than 3 BILLION fundraising letters, generating over $7 BILLION in donations.  His innovations bypassed the mainstream media monopoly and empowered millions of Americans for the first time to directly influence the political process.  Richard is chairman of The Viguerie Marketing Institute, a division of his marketing agency American Target Advertising, Inc.


Ben Hart's direct mail and Internet programs have raised more than $500,000,000 for pro-freedom causes during his 20 years in direct marketing.  His efforts helped build dozens of highly effective conservative organizations, including the Christian Coalition's base of 2 million supporters, which helped trigger the historic conservative victories in the 1994 Congressional elections.  Ben is the author of 7 books on direct marketing, including Fund Your Cause with Direct Mail and  The Internet Money Explosion.  He is senior advisor and copywriter for American Target Advertising, and is president of his own Internet consulting firm, Direct Marketing


DianaDiana Banister’s expertise in press relations and grassroots mobilization has benefitted numerous local, statewide and national campaigns. In 1993 she helped raise opposition in the medical field to the Clinton health care proposal.  She later served as Deputy Political Director for the Buchanan for President campaign, developing grassroots strategies that helped win upset victories in key states.  Ms. Banister went on to direct daily press operations for Star Parker’s non-profit organization, Coalition on Urban Affairs.  Today she is Vice President and Partner of Shirley & Banister Public Affairs in Alexandria, Virginia, working with nationally renown journalists, television and radio hosts, authors and opinion leaders.